BCMG is a trademark of Boyle International Claim Management Group, LLC.

Boyle International Claim Management Group, LLC was formed by experienced professionals for the purpose of providing high quality TPA Claim Management and adjusting services to the insurance industry for the contiguous forty-eight United States, the Caribbean and Hawaii.

The principal involved provides a well-rounded background in the insurance industry with heavy management and technical experience. The day-to-day operational management will be administered by the principal backed by a corps of former supervisory and heavy technically competent staff averaging a minimum of fifteen years experience each.

The preceding five years have been perhaps the most climactic of the last twenty years in the insurance industry. Much has been written about the industry's financial capacity to respond to events the magnitude of Hurricane Andrew. More than a dozen carriers went "belly up" as a result of that $16 billion dollar event. Total losses were in excess of $30 billion.

The rapid response to underwrite properly has led to the development of new products, stringent construction standards, changes in coverage and the evolution of the offshore reinsurance industry. The London market has seen a proliferation of growth and strong designs on entering the domestic markets.

BCMG believes it has the ability to develop the potential to be a provider of services to the domestic & international market. Service capability and the ability to deliver are what will set BCMG apart from the competition. BCMG will develop satellite offices where there is a need. BCMG will make full use of the communication technology available today & in the future to be a worldclass leader & provider of high quality adjusting services.

BCMG is focusing its talents and resource capabilities on those areas most vulnerable to catastrophic events. In addition to the catastrophe emphasis, BCMG intends to provide to the industry, the resources capable of handling regular daily workflow claims. BCMG's resources possesses unparalleled experience in telephone claims handling (TCH) and can assist any carrier in the reduction of their allocated expenses with the processes and management we can implement.

Experienced professionals deliver results with a positive impact on the bottom line. BCMG can offer unparalleled service because BCMG understands the needs & requirements of the industry. Solutions to problems as opposed to exacerbation of problems are what separate BCMG from the competition.